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Physical trauma is defined as "serious injury to the body". There are two main types of physical trauma that can happen through a number of different ways.

First, we have blunt force trauma, this is when an object or force strikes the body and often results in concussions, deep cuts or broken bones.

Penetrating trauma is when an object pierces the skin or body, usually creating an open wound. 

With so many ways trauma can come about, including warfare, car or motorbike accidents, and even in industries such as tree surgery, it's essential to stay prepared for such events. 

One way of doing so is by investing in a tactical trauma kit, which is why we've put together this post to educate our readers on the importance of trauma kits and why they can be a real life-saver in all types traumatic circumstances.


A tactical trauma kit is a medical kit that is specifically designed to deal with major injuries that are typically life threatening and to keep someone alive until medical care can be reached.

They are small, compact kits that are designed to fit in small spaces and to be easy useable and accessible for everyone.

Tactical trauma kits contain emergency medical supplies that are vital for controlling bleeding, packing wounds and helping treat serious injury before medical support arrives.

Unlike first aid kits, tactical trauma kits are not made for light medical wounds.

Instead, they are designed with trauma in mind, and are for more serious injuries.


Tactical trauma kits include contents that are specifically designed for limiting and halting the loss of blood from serious wounds. 

These life-saving trauma kits contain everything you need to stop bleeding and provide that extra critical time that is so desperately needed in emergency situations.

Being prepared for emergency medical situations is vital in modern times, with so many threats that can cause injury, a trauma kit is cost-effective way to ensure your always on hand with the tools you need to stop bleeding and control a serious wound.


Tactical trauma kits contain a range of medical supplies that are perfect for helping deal with gun shots, shrapnel and even car accidents.

effective tactical trauma kits

These kits can be used in a range of different emergency scenarios and can be real life savers.

Below are only some of the essentials that are contained within a tactical trauma kit:

  • Bandages
  • Triple antibiotics
  • Tourniquets
  • Liquid skin
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Bleed stop
  • LED pen light
  • Burn gel
  • Emergency blankets
  • CPR face shield


We strongly believe that most people could benefit from owning a tactical trauma kit.

They are useful in so many scenarios and give peace of mind knowing that you're prepared for any trauma based injuries.

Car & Motorcycle Drivers

Driving on the roads is more dangerous that many of us think. With so many drivers on the road, accidents can and do happen.

Some trauma kits are specifically designed to be kept inside of cars and even strap to the back of headrests.

Motorcycle drivers are given little to no protection should they become involved in an accident, which is where a tactical trauma kit could be a real life-saver.

Military Personnel

With Russia's invasion of Ukraine still very much underway and showing no sign of slowing down, military personnel may want to protect themselves and their colleagues by being in possession of a tactical trauma kit.

We stock a range of different trauma kits that specifically cater to those in the military, such as our Gunshot Trauma Kit.

This kit is perfect to have on hand in training grounds, firing ranges and other areas where guns may be fired.


A seasoned prepper understands the need for a tactical trauma kit in their arsenal.

With so many threats worldwide that could trigger cataclysmic events, trauma kits are are a must for anyone looking to stay ahead of the game and ensure that they and their families are prepared for anything and everything.

Areas Of High Knife & Gun Crime

Here in the UK, knife and gun crime is on the rise, especially in some parts of the country such as Yorkshire and London.

In 2021, the police force area with the highest level of knife crime was Cleveland in Yorkshire, with a total of 72 offences for every 100,000 people.

In London, gangs use knives and guns on a regular basis, which sadly means that encountering a trauma based incident can be likely in some areas of the capital. 


When it comes to finding the most effective tactical trauma kits for any emergency, here at Urban Preppers we have it all.

We stock a full range of different trauma kits to cater for every type of situation.

Below I've listed 5 of the most effective tactical trauma kits that money can buy.


Staying prepared in todays world is essential, with more and more events becoming increasingly likely, we believe a trauma kit is a practical, affordable form of insurance that can quite literally save your life.

Small enough to fit in a car, on a motorcycle or to keep handy in your home, trauma kits can be the difference between life or death for those needing emergency medical attention.

If like us, you are well aware of the current state of the world, then there's no doubt that investing in a tactical trauma kit can give you the peace of mind you need.

Feel free to check out the product pages on the trauma kits we have linked above for more information on their contents and how they are useful.

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