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In todays post-pandemic world, it's essential to stay prepared for anything, including nuclear warfare.

A full-force nuclear war is without doubt the stuff of nightmares, but now more than ever it's becoming an increasingly likely scenario that all of us are faced with.

As with any threat, preparation is key, and that's why we at Urban Preppers have put together this Nuclear Warfare Survival Guide to ensure our readers well-informed with the truth and prepared for any possible event.

With over 35-years plus of military and policing experience, we understand that being self-sufficient without government intervention is crucial for surviving any warfare event.


Mainstream media will have you believe that the current state of affairs is nothing to be concerned about, but sadly that's just not reality.

With Russia's invasion now in full-swing, and responsible for more than 14,000 deaths, stakes are high and tensions are rising.

Russian media outlets such as RT and Sputnik have been banned in the UK, and are telling a different narrative to what we in the west are being told. 

Here in the west, we're only being told one side of the story, that Russia's invasion is not going quite as Putin planned and that it will all blow over soon.

UK media are trying their very best to ensure that panic among the population does not break out.

We seen what happened at the start of the pandemic, with toilet-roll, food and other essentials selling out incredibly fast and leaving families stuck without these everyday items for days on end.

The average household does not have enough food in their cupboards to last three days, so you can only imagine what the news of a nuclear disaster would do to supermarkets all around the country.

The narrative we're being told here in the west is that Ukraine is a civilised country that is being barbarically attacked and dominated by Russia.

However, Ukraine is also responsible for over 15,000 deaths of Russian soldiers, and are attacking and retaliating against the Russian military.

It's important to remember that media outlets in the west will always try to downplay what is going on, therefore doing your own research on the matter is much more fruitful. 


Relations between Russia and Ukraine have been hostile since the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, followed shortly by Russia's forceful takeover of Crimea.

On Thursday, 24th February 2022, Russia began their invasion of Ukraine in order to "demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine", so Putin says.

The reality of what's going on in Ukraine is much more disruptive to the world than we're being lead to believe.

Putin has placed Russia on the highest level of nuclear alert, suggesting that he's ready for, and potentially expecting a nuclear threat. 

There's no doubt that Putin is prepared to go to extreme lengths in order to execute his plan and takeover Ukraine.

Because of this, the likes of Germany and Japan are beginning to remilitarise in order to aid and defend themselves from what could potentially be World War 3.

Russia has even targeted a Ukrainian military base near the Polish bored, which US national security advisers say is a threat, and that if any fire does occur in Poland this would trigger a full-force NATO response.

nuclear survival guide


Preparing for cataclysmic events is no small task, but its essential to ensure that you and your family have the best chances of survival should an event occur.

 At some point in our lives, all of us purchase car insurance, phone insurance or even life insurance.

Why? Because we understand that it's important to be prepared should accidents or unfortunate circumstances occur.

In our eyes, prepping for a nuclear disaster should be no different. The stigma attached to being a "prepper" has long passed.

No more is it an old-man who is losing his marbles, instead, it's a well-prepared, intelligent individual that has a firm grasp on the current situation of the world. 

Preppers now come from all walks of life. Doctors, lawyers, firefighters, businessmen and everything in-between are now starting to prepare.

It's a form of insurance that is not being talked about enough and not getting the coverage it deserves. 

It's peace of mind in knowing that should the worst happen, you are prepared and giving yourself and the people around you a headstart at survival.


So where do you start? Well, getting started is the first step. Starting small and building up is better than not starting at all.

We stock a whole host of life-saving products that can keep you and your family alive for between 72 hours and 14-days. 

But when it comes to nuclear survival, Gas Masks, HAZ-MAT suits, Nuclear Survival Kits and Bug Out Barrel Kits are your best friends.

Below we've listed some of the best products for nuclear preparation on the market. 


The current situation in Ukraine is heating up and showing no signs yet of slowing down.

Russia is continuing it's advances further and further into Ukraine, looking to take over the East side of the country before taking full control.

We strongly believe that the war is going in favour of Russia and will continue to do so, which is why we believe prepping for every possible scenario is important.

The aim of this guide is not to scare our customers and readers, but more so to educate and inform you of the reality of the situation currently going on in Ukraine.

Staying prepared for any possible event is the most effective and smartest way of being ahead of the curve and taking care of your family.

If you do have any questions regarding the current state of affairs in Ukraine, we are more than happy to discuss this with our readers.

Feel free to drop us a message on either email or live chat for a response and guidance on the best way to prepare for nuclear survival.

Nuclear survival guide